Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Broman's well going back to the wild?

Our riverside correspondent Murd Dunbar sends us the following pictures that demonstrate the lamentable state of the Broman's Well today and a picture of the renovations in recent years when money went into landscaping the area. 

The way things used to be after the landscaping work

 The 2012 look - cuts or a back to nature initiative from Highland Council?

Murd is also concerned that the path up to Mill Road from this area is also gradually disappearing. Money was also spent here repairing and widening this path but this too has not been adequately maintained according to Murd.


Min said...

Thanks for the photo of Bromans Well, brought back many memories.
cheers from NZ
Min Davidson

Greg said...

It's not the only path that's disappearing, has anyone tried the 6 mile "Delnies Circular" out Altonburn road then along the edge of the West golf course recently ? Shocking.
There is an element of use it or lose it people, but then of course we'd need to be able to see it in the first place.