Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Greyhound sponsored walk Sunday 30th September - 1 p.m. The Links

Gurnites will recall the mass greyhound sponsored walk last year on the Links and the beaches. It was a fantastic fund raiser for the Retired Greyhound Trust and a great spectacle to see these handsome pooches enjoying their walkies.. You can see pictures of last year's event here. 

This year the sponsored walk starts at 1 p.m. on the Links this Sunday (30th). It isn't restricted to Greyhounds this time however and you can take your dog along, have some exercise and help this important animal charity. If you are taking part please send a few pics to the Gurn, unfortunately we won't be able to be there this Sunday. For more information on participating. Click read more.
30 September 2012

Come and join the annual sponsored walk along Nairn Beach on the 30th September. Meet at 1p.m. at The Links car park.

All dogs/breeds welcome - please remember and pick up after your dogs and if he/she isn`t good with other dogs please make sure he/she is muzzled.

There will be refreshments at the Trust’s gazebo close to the “Maggot Car Park” , but also on sale some goodies for the furry friends and a lot of information about greyhounds and the Retired Greyhound Trust.
Donations welcome. If you haven`t received your sponsor form please phone 01470 511705 and one can be sent out or emailed to you.


Reallyadoglover said...

Oh no not more dog poo all over the links and the beach ! Just joking - I'm sure all the greyhound owners will do the necessary and probably so will any other owners that join in the walk. Unfortunately the same can't be said for the totally irresponsible dog owners that drive to the Links car park then let their dogs out to defecate anywhere (usually on the football pitch). After the dogs have left their jobbies they are recalled by their owners and whisked away before you can say "Where's the bloody dog warden ?". Has anyone ever seen this seemingly mythical being ?

Anonymous said...

Not all dog owners are irresponsible, in fact I would say it's a very small minority who behave badly by not picking up after their dogs. If things are so bad at the Links maybe it's time to get the Council involved?

Anonymous said...

Last time the greyhounds had their sponsored walk they all had a brilliant time. I hope it's a good day for them on Sunday and hope some of the ones needing a home are successful.