Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Snow clearing and gritting priorities for this winter published

See what priority your street is on the maps on this Highland Council document now available online (the town map is on page 2).


Greg said...

There is room for debate about re-classifying some of the Priority 3 routes as Priority 2 but overall it seems reasonable enough. My main gripe with winter gritting and snow clearing is that roads get done long before and much better than footpaths. Cars don't fall and break their hips, small children in cars don't fall over into slushy puddles, cars can get over rough icy surfaces much easier than pushchairs and prams. If we're trying to discourage motorists from making non essential trips when the weather is bad, we're going the wrong way about it !

Anonymous said...

Point taken Greg and of course its important to do the pavements.

However if a someone slips n slides on a pavement into someone else they are not going to do as much damage as a car sliding on the road and careering into pedestrians.

Moss-Side Brae was a sheet of ice yesterday, pavements and the road, my car skited, but like any sensible driver i was at crawling pace. (the pavements were being gritted BEFORE the road i might add)

All my trips are esential, i cant afford no essential trips in this austere times!