Sunday, April 21, 2013

A few more alders for the banks of the "River of Alders"

More alder trees were planted today down at the regeneration project between the sewage and A96 bridges on the River Nairn. The alders were donated by the residents of Firhall where they have plenty to spare from a field colonised over the past few years by thousands of this species native to the River Nairn. It was a great day for it and Images of the planting session can be seen here.   Thanks to Murray MacRae for providing the pictures.

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jayteescot1 said...

That's fine Des, always good to have trees available for the birds.
Any chance of planring some fruit bearing Rowan and Hawthorn too ? Might encourage the Waxwings to visit the riverside, which would be nice for people to see.