Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rock on River CC!

A bit of activity this morning in the environmental improvement/regeneration zone between the sewage and A96 bridges. Rock has to be placed around the newly extended sewer overflow pipe to protect it from both the actions of tides and the river and River Community Council have engaged the services of a local contractor to meet this requirement.


Wheres ma bush said...

You know I moved up here 2 years ago and I loved the outlook from my kitchen window.
For once in my life it was a pleasure to do the dishes.

Now between the takeaway seating area come kids stunt park that is the ugly grey wall and now the unsightly rock garden, I might need to buy blackout blinds.

I know they haven't finished yet but is there a grand plan for this "regeneration"?

I didn't think you could top the wall, but this might possibly manage it.

red hot chill peppers said...

@Rock on River CC

I think you need to chill and buy some rose tinted reality specs. There's many, many folk with a much worse views who'd swap you any day of the year and that's just in Nairn!

Wheres ma bush said...

Too true, but that is theirs and this one is mine.

I would just like to see what the end result would be.

The wall on the Harbor street side is nothing but an eyesore.
The top slabs are already loose and it is only a matter of time before they end up in the river.

It just scares me to see them jump in on the other side after leaving Brochers Brae in the mess it's in.

Anonymous said...

Walk in the Nairn sunshine today - still a chilly wind. Congratulations to Tommy and the River CC after this major and unplanned additional phase of development. Its really beginning to take shape and after a few months growth will really blend in. As long as the invasive species are kept under control.
Well done all involved.