Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nairn South bounces back onto the scene - “Alternative application for planning consent for Nairn South submitted.”

Nairn South is very much back on the agenda today. The Press and Journal today published an article on the issue with comment from Tommy Hogg Chair of River CC in which he firmly reiterates the position of River CC in regard to any development at Nairn South. Gurnites will remember the combined Community Council meeting hosted by River CC in the URC hall on the 23rd of January and dominated by the Nairn South issue. We detailed the position of the Highland Council here and the respective but unanimous thoughts of West, Suburban and River Community Councils here, here and here. Basically they are all against any development at Nairn South until a bypass and other infrastructure are in place. 

Bearing all that in mind we now publish a press release received by Charles Allenby’s agents Muir Smith Evans. The document is entitled: “Alternative application for planning consent for Nairn South submitted.” 

"Following extensive consultation with Highland Council, the local community councils and local residents, Mr Charles Allenby has recently submitted a comprehensive masterplan application for planning permission in principle for Nairn South. 

Submission of the formal application had been delayed to allow review of the Highland Wide Local Development Plan and the Nairn South Masterplan being prepared by The Highland Council which is now scheduled for consideration on 13th May.

The planning system in Scotland is based on a plan led system so Mr Allenby’s team has waited until the development plan and masterplan have been prepared before submitting their application.

Mr Allenby’s Masterplan has been prepared by 7N architects, a leading urban design practice also responsible for the Highland University Business Park, with support from a full technical team of experts following extensive discussion with Highland Council. It is consistent with the core aims of the Highland Wide Local Development Plan which limits development to 250 houses, provides for a mix of uses including expansion for Gordon’s Sawmill, provides a new bridge over the railway to access the town centre and Academy and provides for a low density development contained within a strong landscape setting avoiding sprawl to the south of the town. 

The application also recognises the findings of the Scottish Government Reporter which were subsequently enshrined in the Highland Wide Local Development Plan and takes on board criticism of other schemes proposed for Nairn where densities have been too high.

The application site extends beyond Mr Allenby’s ownership including the area between Balblair Road and Cawdor Road some of which is already subject to a separate application that was submitted by a consortium of Scotia, Robertson and Barratt Homes in 2011 for a smaller area of land but for more houses and no mixed uses.
The Scotia proposal lies physically separate from the edge of the town and, if approved, would not allow the more contained development of fewer houses and comm
unity facilities that Mr Allenby’s plan proposes.

Mr Allenby believes it is important that the town develops properly and that goes well beyond land ownership boundaries. The current proposal reflects a logical extension of the town in line with advice from The Scottish Government and the local community.

Since this land was originally earmarked for development Mr Allenby has given very clear instructions to his leading planning and design team that any proposals should leave a lasting legacy for the town, be based on the capacity of the land to absorb development and form a natural extension of the town at a suitable density.

The application will now be subject to formal consultation and assessment by Highland Council officers and statutory consultees including the three community councils."

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Anonymous said...

Good news, nice to see the town developing and expanding during the current climate. Will no doubt bring many employment opportunities too.

Graisg said...

@anon Thank your for your opinion on Barratt Homes

Anonymous said...

Why does Nairn require further development? There are plans, to the east, west and now south. The west side has had plans for years, so why also the south, pity that estate if a bypass goes in.