Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Tuesday Miscellany

Feels cold out there again this morning, spring is certainly elusive this year and the snow that fell most of the day in Nairn on Sunday has turned the Cawdor hills crispy white again. Surely a spell of good weather will eventually come?

A bit of heat would get the Japanese Knotweed coming up too in the section of the riverside between the Sewage and A96 bridges where the River Community Council regeneration project is ongoing. The project has attracted the ire of Joe Telfer and his fellow Trustees however and there is an article on the Swan blog and some comment there that can be read if you click here. This observer will confess to assisting River CC with their project on a voluntary basis so thus does declare an interest. Like the recent incident with the former hedging plants (now overgrown trees) along the Forres Road this shows how many of us can all have different views about how we look after our local environment and the lower riverside is certainly a hotspot when it comes to that.

Meanwhile a fictional character has a re-match interview with another fictional character. See what the two imaginary local worthies got up to here in “Cheap booze, smutty sleaze and mysterious missing DVDs.”

 Have a nice day Gurnshire and hopefully the sun will come out soon.