Tuesday, April 02, 2013

MV Kennilworth in Nairn Harbour

Thanks to Murray MacRae for the picture of the MV Kenilworth in Nairn harbour. This vessel has an interesting history and according to Wikipedia (the font of all digital knowledge): 
"The MV Kenilworth is a historic passenger ferry built in 1936 as MV Hotspur II. She was the Hythe Ferry service across Southampton Water until 1978 and then the Kilcreggan ferry on the Firth of Clyde until 2007." More details here.

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Spurtle said...

Nearly got blown out of the water on the Clyde, by an American destroyer......but apparently the Commander of that vessel did apologise to the MV Kenilworth's Captain afterwards, for threatening to open fire on him with live ammunition.....

It would seem that the old saying about America's allies being more at risk than their enemies, when it comes to military matters, still has some foundation