Friday, April 12, 2013

Did Highland Council’s Streetscape project damage long-term trading prospects for Nairn High Street?

There is a large article in the Inverness Courier today that focuses on the economic future of Nairn and particularly that of the high street. There is a picture of a sombre Eamon Savage as he closes down his gift shop on the brae. Eamon is quoted:

“Highland Council decided to dig the road up and turn the High Street into a building site two years ago and that was the beginning of the end.”

There is also comment from Dick Youngson and mention of the forthcoming meeting on the 24th April of the Nairnshire Community Councils and those of Ardersier and Croy “with the aim of forging an alliance to work for the benefit of Nairnshire.”

The Courier are actively soliciting comment from local people they ask: “What do you think about the future of Nairn? Email”  

There is at the moment a major debate about Scotland’s governance as we enter the run-in to the referendum in October next year. This observer would suggest there is nothing wrong with a parallel debate about the governance of Nairn. Whether Scotland is run from Edinburgh, London or Brussels, how can we get the best deal for our community? How can we do more to ensure that we run things for ourselves regardless of how the macro debate raging above pans out? In this respect perhaps the meeting of the community councils may be very useful. 


Anonymous said...

again.i ask,whatever happened to the clock that was meant to be cited in the square projected onto the road,paid for by sainsburys?cant blame cuts

Spurtle said...

Many businesses on the High Street continue to trade strongly, as they did before and during the streetscape works.

Bottom line is, if you don't have a viable business model, you won't survive, even if the High Street were scattered with rose petals.

Anonymous said...

Sainsbury's haven't collected enough Nectar points as yet for the clock

Anonymous said...

The streetscape works have made the High St a much more pleasant place to walk, especially with children. Roll on Phase 3 (Leopold St) and then how about Cawdor Road to the Post Office. No offence to Concept Gifts or Occasions but these shops didn't sell what people want to buy and were in dire need of a makeover. The real shame was losing Ross Outdoors but that was a victim of Inverness and the internet.

Mr. D.A.Ross said...

To Anon at 12.12am

Inverness and the internet WAS NOT the final or main factor in me closing my company down. There are pages on this site (Gurn from Nurn circa March 2012) which discuss why my shop was closed please read them.

Also people have forgotten that I drew up plans and went around with them to all the businesses on the Brae and they all signed a petition stating that they wanted my plans (pedestrianisation)and NOT the Councils half baked ideas. Also River C.C. did not support me our the business's wishes either!