Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting it together in Nairn to go online or helping others to do so

If you are reading this you are of course already online but perhaps you would like to know how to do a few other things here and there about the world wide web. Maybe you would like to help others get online too. The Gurn had a message from the new project officer for Citizens Online today, her name is Brigette Vallance and this is what she had to say:

"I thought I would drop you a line to firstly introduce myself, as I am working as the new Project Officer for Citizens Online – Nairn. I also wanted to let you and the Nairn community know that tomorrow, I will be at the Job Club which is held at the Nairn Community Centre from 1pm-4pm on Wednesday afternoons.

Tomorrow 1st May I will be at the Job Club with Highland Employability Service - Nairn, to run an initial ‘Taster’ session for using computers, getting on the internet, completing job applications and any other specific areas which the members would like assistance with. These sessions are funded by BT as part of the Get IT Together Project. The Project aims to help anyone who would like to know how to use a computer and/or how get on the Internet. For this particular club it will focus on seeking employment, which may well entail setting up an email account in order to receive job alerts. The initial session (with more to follow) will all be about helping the folks who turn up to feel confident, capable and positive. My aim is to provide handy tips and support for those who are unfamiliar with using the internet, so that they can gain confidence and experience with using a computer. These sessions are FREE and over the next few week I shall be contacting local community groups to see how we can help fill the gap in their computer/internet knowledge.

If anyone would like to volunteer to help support novice users in Nairn I would welcome the opportunity to meet up with them so please do tell them to feel free to contact me,(details below) or if they feel that their community group would benefit from some learning sessions and handy tips again I am only too pleased to offer to help."

You can contact Brigette via Citizens Online or through this facebook page. 

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