Thursday, April 11, 2013

County fan Ali with a mountain to climb

Fans of Nairn County FC are still coming up with fund raising ideas and some new initiatives will soon be added to the Ground Improvement Funds events pages which gurnites can browse here. One more event that will be posted up on that site soon is a climb of Ben Nevis organised by Alasdair Nicol. Ali told the Gurn:

" There was an appeal for fund raising ideas so I am going to do a sponsored walk up Britain's highest mountain Ben Nevis to raise some cash for the fund. My daughter Morgan and brother Kenny as well as my mate Blair McNeill are also going to do this event.  I am hoping to get 11 people to do this walk with a minimum of £100 raised for each walker this will add over a £1000 to the fund although I am hoping to raise nearer £2000. So I am looking for another seven fans to complete the team. If anyone is interested let me know via the We Believe Facebook group or the fans fund site. We have provisionally chosen September the 1st but that may change yet."

The Gurn understands that there are one or two more initiatives being organised and they too will be posted on the Ground Improvement Fund site when they are finalised. There is also a news page on the site now too. 

Update: Ali informs the Gurn that Kenny Macleod, Morag Macleod ,Greame Macleod, Andy Paterson, Douglas Smith, Nicola Smith, Stuart Mcinnes and Steven Bain have also signed up to climb Ben Nevis.

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Anonymous said...

Will the Gurn be going too, to take some photos?