Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Liz congratulates Nairn Patient Group on their progress

Last night there were very few seats left in the conference room at Nairn Community Centre. Around fifty people turned out for the first public meeting of the Patients Group. After a short period addressing the appointment of office bearers the new Chair Simon Noble went on to outline the purpose of the group. He said: 

“Our intention is to do our very best to develop our relationship with the GP practice and that has been tested over the last year, on both sides I suspect, and what we are hoping to do is become effective supporters in helping the practice to develop its response to patients needs and interests. ” 

Provost Liz MacDonald was in attendance she said:

“I think it is really positive that you are holding a meeting in public now and I look forward to attending lots of them. I think there are lots of people here who haven’t been involved in the District Partnership which is about the integration of health and social care services. I think it will take people, maybe a few meetings to get up to speed with what the agenda is because there has been so much change in our services just recently. Even myself who works in it, some of the times, its all moving at a very fast pace but I do think it is really positive that you are holding your meetings in public now and people know who to contact and you have your webfacility available. It’s a big step forward in my view and congratulations on where you have got to in quite a short time.”

There then followed discussion on the appointments system, transport arrangements and social care. Also present were Practice Manager Barbara Graham, and Senior Executive Partner Dr Adrian Baker and NHS Director of Operations for this area, Nigel Small. Barbara Graham took questions from the floor on the appointments system and we will publish are report on this part of the meeting on the Gurn when time permits.

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