Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Would you pay to avoid Nairn's traffic lights?

As diligent citizens continue to write letters to Transport Scotland and the "Nairn needs a bypass now!" stickers that remain in a few car windows fade away, let's consider the future. If a bypass were to ever be built then, of course, you would pay anyway through your taxes but would any Gurnites support a toll road to avoid the lights and the delays? How much would you be prepared to pay per trip? One regular reader suggests 50p. He had been reading an article on the BBC Wales pages entitled M4 relief road: Chancellor 'to approve toll plan'. Would a toll road be feasible here?  It could be a long time Holyrood finds the cash to build a bypass for us so what about private finance?
Yes, this observer realises this is an article that some would consider more suitable for yesterday but who knows what future administrations at an independent or devo-maxed Scottish Government might be forced to come up with when it comes to building roads.


Driven to the Brink said...

Motorists in UK are very reluctant to pay tolls. Look at the M6 experiment (Spaghetti Junction still busy, and the M6 toll-road nearly empty). And it's not that long since the Scottish Government abolished the Forth and Skye Road bridge tolls. Introducing tolls on the A96 won't win them many votes. Motorists already reckon they don't get a decent return for the millions in car and fuel-related taxes they pay to the Treasury.

Logically, a toll scheme would have to apply to all bypasses along the A96. Imagine the reaction if drivers had to pay a toll to avoid Nairn but could use the Forres, Fochabers and Inverurie bypasses, for example, without payment.

Like the NHS, a Nairn Bypass ought to be publicly funded, provided on the basis of need, and free at the point of use!

Anonymous said...

2 sedbuifi say there is no need for half of these bloody lights,its just causing hold ups,a mini roundabout at lochloy would be better,also,scrap lights atmanse road and albert street,simply no need for them there as sainsburys is a mile away,,

Anonymous said...

Hey, narook get your facts right, there are no traffic lights at Manse Road, but the lights at Seabank Road and Albert Street are an absolute Godsend if you're trying to join the busy A96 from either of these Roads/Streets.

Anonymous said...

The lights are serving the few but not for the majority, who see them as a menace.
To have something in place that is serving only a small majority is a dictatorial approach. My forefathers didn't serve in World Wars in order that a dictatorial approach be let run amok. Freedom for the people from oppression of the few was fought for.