Monday, April 08, 2013

Snowdrop Splitting - Saturday the 20th of April

Annie Stewart of Keeping Nairnshire Colourful tells the Gurn:

"KNC is having a snowdrop splitting morning on Sat, 20th April from 10am onwards meeting at the Jubilee bridge by the river. We want to split up the larger clumps along the riverside and spread them out to make more impact. All volunteers, including families, armed with forks & spades & a plastic bag if possible would be very welcome."

A chance for those that have been gurning recently about the state of the riverside to muster on parade on  Saturday 20th to help the KNC volunteers?


growtosow said...

i will be on parade with my fork and spade. hope we get a good turn out for this.

growtosow said...

perhaps jacquline hutcheon might like to help with the snowdrops. as this sounds like one of the things they could do. and it gets more folk involved in what we are doing around the town.