Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 3 of the dust storms in Nairn

The wind blows again, the promised rain amounted to just a few occasional drops that are quickly being absorbed by the dry topsoil. There are dark clouds blowing by higher above but it is those of the light brown variety that are sweeping through the town again today. The town centre seems to be mainly spared up to now with dust blowing in from the western suburbs across the Queenspark area and running down the eastern  bank of the river. You can see a dust storm cutting across the area beyond the farmers showfield in this image here. Here another cloud of dust heads out to sea over the Culbin. 

Dave Shillabeer sent the Gurn some images earlier today of a train passing through the dust clouds on the western approaches to Nairn. He said:
"The 1114 Inverness train to Aberdeen approaching Tradespark at Delnies showing the dust thrown up by the high winds. A farming scene 5 minutes later at the same location during a brief lull. "More of Dave's images here

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Anonymous said...

Some patches going through to Inverness were awful not helped by drivers not putting dipped lights on even had one overtaking