Friday, April 12, 2013

Questions over why the Council Contractors cut the grass so early.

Murd Dunbar gave his usual update on upper riverside affairs at the Community Council meeting on Wednesday night. He told the meeting: “They were up there yesterday cutting the paths and there was absolutely nothing to cut.”

Liz was also critical of the grass cutting, she said that she had complained to the relevant council department. The Provost said; “Why they are cutting the grass when there is no grass I don’t know. It has to be a certain length before it gets trimmed. I really don’t know what’s happening I’ve phoned a few guys to try and find the background on it.”

Murd then pointed out that the river walks are supposed to get three cuts per year and that was one of them at a time when it wasn’t needed.

The River CC then went on to discuss taking back the grass cutting under local control via devices like the Highland Council’s Community Challenge Fund. Such an initiative would have to be done in coordination with the town’s other two Councils but River seem up for it. More details on the Gurn soon. 


Anonymous said...

After reading the post submitted, It brings back a memory and statement made from my grandfather who was a keen gardener, and a tried tested theory of my own, that could maybe help resolve a part of the mistery.

It was suggested that grass cutting starts to get done in April (weather permitting), even if the grass isn't at the fully recommended height level for cutting, but there is a level enough for a collection to be made, it can encourages the grass to kick start into a growth spurt and promote continuity so other jobs can be carried out around this and by the next time the grass is needing cut, a better collection can be made and hence the garden calendar progresses. Other theories may be submitted but I personally stick with this one until modern climates encourages a different one.

Graisg said...

thanks anon we'll have a look at the cemetery

MURD said...

Anon advice may be ok for grass but as for the river paths NO At the moment there is nothing to cut and when growth does start it will be mostly the type of vegetation you don't want to encourage to grow especially if it is allowed to grow to heights of over five feet and fall over the paths as it did last year.

Anonymous said...

I have been walking the river path regularly over the last forty years, and regard this area as the country side- the wild! Indeed I would rarely meet another soul in those days. Let us leave it as wild as possible before things run away with us and the place is paved and lit up to frighten away all of natures delights. A wee choppy back a couple of times a year is sufficient. Let nature prevail.

Granitespool said...

On more than one occasion last year walking the dog on the straight path between the fields at Firhall the grass was knee high. Walked along it this week and if they were strimming in that area it would have been a waste of money as there is no growth.

Murd said...

I agree the the river walk is one of best walks we have and the plants and animals to be seen on the walk are second to none. But the paths do need cutting but at the right time. I ALSO walk the river twice a day and meet numerous other walkers on both occasion's and it puzzles me at what time anon walks. BUT HERE ARE THE OFFICIAL FIGURES FOR LAST YEAR from Highland Council.
For the period 1st April 2012 – 31st March 2013 the total number of passes is 39929