Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A glimmer of Common Good for the LibDems?

One of our regular readers is an avid follower of the Scottish Political Scene and came across a Stirling Observer article which suggest that the LibDems might be about to pursue Land Reform as a central election policy. The paper states that at a one-day Scottish Conference next month more will be unveiled. 

The paper, perhaps quoting from a press release,states: 
"Historic "common good" land, often lost to communities in the regional government shake-up of the 1970s, should be returned at no cost."  

Maybe of course the Scottish Government's community renewal bill will get there first and give communities control of their Common Good again. Of course the policies of all Westminster based parties may be academic depending on the result of the referendum next year.  You can read the article in the Stirling Observer here.

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