Thursday, August 29, 2013

Local Highland Councillors criticised over South Nairn decision

There were those at the Suburban Community Council meeting in the Academy on Tuesday night that are disappointed with the performance of our Highland Councillors over the decision to grant planning permission for over 300 homes on the Cawdor Road, there was some praise for Michael Green for his efforts in speaking out against the proposal however. The criticism was polite but this observer senses that for some the disappointment goes very deep indeed. To get a flavour of that meeting you can listen to the proceedings  yourself on this 45 minute long video on Youtube. Here's what the Chair of Suburban CC, Dick Youngson had to say about the four local Highland Council members:

"And really for our team of four ward councillors who are really there to represent us. They’re there in post, salaried with expenses, to represent the interests of everybody in Nairn. They’re not and shouldn’t be Inverness based councillors that are representing Highland Council on committees. They are they to speak up and convey everything that we have put to them and after all we do brief them extremely well. Anything which we put out to Highland Councillor goes to our ward councillors. So they all knew that all of us had objected and we’ve all got these points that which we cannot agree to."

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