Monday, August 19, 2013

BMX track back in use

Thanks to Gurn Riverside reporter Murd for this image of the bairns back on the BMX track. During his campaigning for this area to be cut Murd tells the Gurn he was asked: "Well does anyone use it?". 
Not so easy for the young ones to use a track covered in weeds and undergrowth as high as the average person suggests Murd. 


Greg said...

Great to see the work that has been done - the track is ridable again. Showing my age, but I remember as a teenager in the mid to late 80s the BMX track was very well used when the BMX craze was at it's height. It's great that it's been cut, but having ridden round it a couple of times on my mountain bike this morning, apart from the fact it's still covered in (much shorter) weeds and grass, the obstacles are too difficult for most youngsters. I remember the track was quite fast and flowing to ride, but due to ad-hoc track modifications over the years it's now more "extreme". If it's going to be popular again it needs to be reconfigured and some of the doubles reduced in size or removed. Only then will we see if it's still a valuable asset or if it should be bulldozed.

Andrew McVicar said...

Hello. Where is this secret track? Will someone kindly make this track's whereabouts public?! Thanks, Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Not been down for a while because of exams. Something needs to be done to make a least a single track around the track