Monday, August 19, 2013

Station brae trees still presenting problems? Plus walls disintegrating

Murd reports that the high winds brought down some branches on the dead and dying elms on the corner of Station Brae and Balblair Raod. He is concerned that larger pieces of wood could soon fall down. He  raised this issue at several community council meetings earlier this year. Opposite  this spot on the other side of both Cawdor Road and Balblair Road there are sections of wall that look like they are in a very poor state. The Station Brae isn't much fun for pedestrians at the best of times, perhaps these bits of wall could be fixed before anything falls on a passer by?  Images of the walls in question here on the Gurn flickr pages.

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Anonymous said...

either british rail,or the council should do something about the pigeons under the same bridge,its a bloody disgrace having to walk thrugh the lines of pigeon crap on pavements,shurely netting could be put up under bridge to deter them
a good clean up under the bridge on the banks is also required.