Friday, August 23, 2013

South Nairn houses go ahead - Jimmy Grey asks for review - error made by Planning and Development service

Here's the latest twist in the tale from the Highland Council press release pages  - looks like Colin was very much on the ball:

"Chairman of The Highland Council’s South Planning Application Committee (PAC) Councillor Jimmy Gray has asked for a review of a planning decision following receipt of a query from Nairn Ward Member and Vice Chair of South PAC Councillor Colin Macaulay into information contained in a report presented to South PAC on 20 August 2013. The Council’s Planning and Development Service has confirmed that a mistake was made in the report.

The particular report was on the application by Scotia Homes Ltd, Barratt North East Scotland and Robertson Homes on land at Cawdor Road, Nairn South, Nairn, for a residential development consisting of 319 units (232 houses and 87 flats) and associated infrastructure and public open space.

Comments made by Nairn Suburban Community Council were incorrectly ascribed to Nairn River Community Council.  Nairn River Community Council, in a letter dated 30 March 2011, did in fact formally object to the planning application, and this should have been clearly stated in the report. 

Members feel that it is best to reconsider the decision made to grant planning permission subject to legal agreement.  As a result, a Notice of Amendment referring the matter to the Planning Environment and Development Committee on 18 September 2013 is being submitted.  This will ensure that the views of all of the Community Councils in Nairn are accurately reported to Members of the committee.

The Planning and Development Service very much regrets this error and the Director will write to the Community Councils in Nairn and the applicant to apologise unreservedly."


Anonymous said...

Well done Colin - usual Highland Council cock up. Hope this time the objections are recognised fully, and planning refused, if that is still possible, but not holding my breath.

|Spurtle said...

Does anyone seriously think that this will make any difference.

I would love to be proved wrong but I don't expect that a Community Council's objections actually carry much (if any) weight in our modern , supposedly 'inclusive' , planning system.

Holding breath not recommended.....

Jane Harkiss said...

Deep breathing excercises are very good. I call it 'snoring'.