Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"The Council recognises the misery gulls can cause, especially throughout the nesting season"

A new press release from the Highland Council outlines the current approach which seems to be to make information available:
"There is no easy answer to the problem however, gulls are very opportunistic scavengers and will take advantage of any food scraps that we humans leave lying around from take-aways or overflowing bins. What is still worse is when people deliberately feed them, whether in the street, parks or in their gardens so we are in the process of putting notices on all our public litter bins in appropriate locations requesting people not to feed gulls."

See their press release here.  


Anonymous said...

As a resident of tradespark I must say that between the early morning noise, swooping by gulls and the mess of my car and van on a weekly basis its about time something is done. Nobody wants the gulls but why do the council refuse to accept the opinions of the "voter"........

Anonymous said...

Well done to the Highland Council for pointing out that the gulls cause misery. I wouldn't have been able to figure that out for myself. So glad my Council tax is put to such good use. Now the next question is what, apart from providing information, are they actually going to do? Apart from being protected there is little point in killing the birds as I'm sure there would be plenty of other gulls waiting to fill the vacant territory, so why not have a programme over the breeding season of dealing with the eggs? Obviously this would have to be ongoing and would cost money.

Hmm, I think I can see why they are just providing information and pointing out the obvious - it's a darn sight cheaper and looks like someone is doing something.

Obvious to me that said...

anytime the Highland Council get lots of complaints about something they put out a press release

Anonymous said...

I feed the gulls they have a right to eat too,birds were around before we were,so let them live,
we are all gods creatures
praise the lord