Thursday, August 29, 2013

South Nairn Planning mistake - Highland Council Director of Planning apologises unreservedly

On Monday Tommy Hogg signed a letter on the behalf of all Nairnshire's Community Councils complaining about the way the South Nairn Planning decision was handled (more on the content of Tommy's letter on the Gurn article - "The six Nairnshire Community Councils are hereby making a serious complaint about the alleged deliberate misleading of councillors by the planning department of Highland Council."). 

The following day the Director of Planning Stuart Black wrote a reply offering an unreserved apology. You can see a copy of the text of that letter below. 


Anonymous said...

grovel a bit more,and try and be more convincing

Have my doubts said...

So, the application will be reviewed and the views of all Nairn CC's will be accurately reported, then what? More of the same, put through on the nod because that's what the officials want, not what the local representation wants?