Saturday, August 10, 2013

Save the Falconer Museum - support from Nairn

This observer, no doubt like many other Gurnites, has visited the Falconer Museum in Forres a few times over the years and enjoyed it very much. It is a very interesting place to pop into and a great asset for our neighbouring town being almost directly on the High Street. At the NICE meeting on Wednesday night a wifie (Dr Fay Gwilliams) spoke towards the end of the meeting and asked if those present would like to sign a petition to save the museum. There were those present that thought that if Moray Council were not of a mind to listen to their own constituents then they would not be bothered to see signatures from across the border on a petition but a lot of people present signed. 

In a way the situation in Forres is another example of the problems that communities all over Scotland face, they do not have direct control over many of their valuable assets. NICE came out of Nairn's desire to have
 more control again over its affairs. If they do manage to get control of the old Social Work building then it will be simply a local group gaining control of a building that our community already owns yet is administered by the Glenurquhart Road administration. Meanwhile in Forres campaigners are stating that they have not received information from the Council that would enable them to put forward their own business plan to save the museum. The phrase "wading through a swamp" has been quoted in the Forres Gazette. More here.

Dr Fay Gwilliams (picture Murray MacRae) was well received on Wednesday night and if anyone can think of practical ways to help her and her campaign colleagues then I'm sure they would be delighted to hear from you. Facebook page here. The Falconer Museum is due to close in October. It is a different local authority area but who knows, if it goes then perhaps at some time in the future our museum could be next? Forres faces the unthinkable - Could we too one day be in the same position? There is a school of thought that believes that more cuts will inevitably come all across Scotland.

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