Friday, August 09, 2013

On the social networks locally

One of our regular readers has sent us their thoughts on some recent pages that have appeared on social network sites that feature individuals from Nairn. The Gurn has seen one or two of these and some of the material out there ranges from moderately or extremely  funny, entertaining, good craic etc to beyond the pale and into the realms of the vile.

Every one has different ideas and levels of tolerance when it comes to these types of pages and what might be acceptable to some is intolerable to others. The social networks do offer a form of free speech but with free speech comes responsibility. Our correspondent refers to the sad case of Hannah Smith and the abuse she suffered on the Ask.f.m. and worries that a similar fate might befall someone in Nairn. Please take care out there on the social networks folks and have fun but don’t overdo it.