Saturday, August 31, 2013

Grass cutting contracts - River Community Council bid latest

The Chair of River Community Council Tommy Hogg was at the Subbies meeting at the Academy on Tuesday night. He told the meeting: "We're actually in the process of getting our final ideas and costings etc and we will speak to the ward manager in the next couple of weeks."

Also present was Murd Dunbar who said he fully supported Tommy's suggestions but in the meantime he wanted the Community Councils to put pressure on the existing contractors who Murd said had the job and were getting paid for it. He suggested that if the contractors couldn't fulfil their obligations they should get more men off the dole to help them. 

Tommy then said it would be more cost effective to have local men doing the work: "Plenty of local firms are looking for work. If that is the case don't tell me it can't be done any cheaper. It just doesn't stack up."

"And better," added Dick Youngson."It's the quality of the work.".

"Well the quality of the work," affirmed Tommy."They'd have a pride in it."


Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely world Tommy and Murd live in, if only !

Anonymous said...

Hurry up Tommy or grass cutting will be over for this year!

MURD said...

I like to get value for money and as the the contractor gets paid so we the public should get what we pay for
Apart from that I like to see the part of the town I enjoy tidy but if anonymous is happy with the quality of work that is done then so be it.
Some people are easily pleased
but I also think of others AND AM WILLING TO PUT MY NAME TO IT

Anonymous said...

As Tommy is about to find out contracts go through public procurement processes now in line with European directives.

Not so straightforward as you might think Tommy!

growtosow said...

well said murd. lets hope it gets sorted out and we can get it back to the way it was done before. were the local guys knew which parts of grass had to be cut and how often. and they made a good job of it.

Anonymous said...

Never known councillors that were so obsessed with grass cutting than the ones in Nairn

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if the RCC will pay workers a living wage and not minimum wage.

Kramer said...

Anonymous said...
"Never known councillors that were so obsessed with grass cutting than the ones in Nairn"

Thats cos' you have to hang out with them man.