Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Like Brigadoon the BMX track appears out of the mist

Regular readers will know that Murd is always pointing out the areas along the riverside that need some care and attention. The monstrously overgrown state of the BMX track has featured in his presentations to various community councils for some time. Today he told the Gurn however:
"Who said it does not pay to complain. Look what I found when out for a walk with my dog."


Anonymous said...

Aye, a great shame to see it in such poor condition, I spent many a long summers in the mid 80's evenings with our parents constructing one of the finest tracks in Scotland, then racing at Nairn River raiders summer club nights, National events and Highland Regional events.

Pro riders coming up from travelling afar from England to race, hot dogs, bike stands - Riders Ready, Pedal's Ready, GO !! was the shout from Kevvy Dick & Chris Craig on the start gate - where has the best part of the last 30 years gone !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where about in Nairn is the track? My son would like to take his bike there

Graisg said...

Mill Road anon