Friday, May 27, 2005

Central beach water quality failure

The ‘Central’ beach (to use a Highland Council newspeak word) doesn’t make it into the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘Good Beach Guide’ this year because of deteriorations in the water quality. The unfashionable East Beach does however. Might as well let the dogs back on hey? The odd puddle of canine piss drying rapidly in the sun might not make all that much difference at all, its what’s in the water that counts and once again the filth comes home to roost.

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Nairn said...

good to see from your photo that kids are already adopting a policy of wearing wellies on the pollution torn beach, and case be any particles have floated down form Dounreay hope the wellies have lead soles!
I blame fish and seagulls for the lack of water quality, if it wasn't for them only humans would be dumping waste into the sea