Friday, November 26, 2010

The A9 Moy 'improvement' fiasco continues

Just back from the papershop for a copy of the Courier, they splash with the 'Saving of the Clansman' but inside refer to the problems on the new overtaking lane at Moy. The P&J also had something along the lines of 'They were warned by locals' on the front page and on line other papers are following it up too. They are now online with a new article:
"One woman said that millions had been spent building a “death trap” and a local councillor said the cash would have been better invested in the long-awaited dualling of the road." More here. and here's the P&J report from yesterday. They're referring to the closure of the £2.6 million new 'safe' piece of road up on the A9 at Moy. Basically it seems its a death trap and Transport Scotland admits that there is a 'design issue'.
Shouldn't someone get sent down the road for this?' We only have to look at the Brae in Nairn to see how planners should be made to listen a wee bit more to the thoughts of locals. The Courier reports that Strathdearn Community Council objected on several grounds to the new lane. Given the current financial climate, surely this waste of taxpayers money deserves a thorough investigation by the Scottish Parliament and perhaps a flurry of P45's at the end of it?

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Oh, what a surprise! said...

You're right, this is a fiasco and it's not just the planners who should get their jotters for this, what about the designers? Yet another example of the so called 'experts' who are paid a lot of money yet don't seem to be up to the job. Bet none of them get the push?