Thursday, November 25, 2010

Predicted Common Good bun-fight at the Courthouse Coral fails to live up to expectations

Graham Vine and Sandy Park had already exchanged pleasantries on another matter earlier in the meeting so perhaps the tension had somewhat abated but towards the end they faced up to each other at both ends of the long table. Sandy perhaps with more gravitas than the admittedly more articulate Mr Vine as the Convener sat at the end with the former magistrates chair looming above him and the proceedings.
Graham Vine started by reiterating some of the West CC’s concerns about the control of the Common Good fund. This observer realised that the heat was disappearing form this topic as soon as Graham Vine started to speak. He referred to the debate in the Nairnshire and the arguments on different threads concerning the fund and sought clarification (conflicting was now too strong a word to use for those arguments apparently). He quoted Sandy saying that the common good fund should be under the control of the people who were accountable yet it appeared that the fund was under the control of the entire 80 councillors of the Highland Council. Graham pointed out that there wasn’t much in the fund at the moment but there could be ’15 million quid in the tin’ once the Sandown Lands were sold. He didn’t take long getting to the point and asked if the Nairn Councillors had a right of veto to stop Highland Council spending our common good money.
Sandy outlined the historical perspective of how things work and how he was 99.9% certain that Nairn decisions would stand with the rest of the council. Sandy made a very good case actually and his soothing noises seemed to placate even Graham Vine. Sandy said that a Civil War would come about if the Highland Council would ever be inclined to attempt such an action.
‘Well I don’t have a Kalashnikov but I’ve got a scythe,’ said Graham indicating that he would be willing to follow Sandy if he started the revolution. Sandy said he knew that his councillor colleagues would be there with their claymores too.
No blood on the floor last night Gurnites but prepare to march on Inverness with Comrade Vine, Citizens Fraser and Marsden and Commissar Park should the other 76 councillors ever try it on and steal our riches (or empty wallet at the moment?) from the common good fund.
Actually last night’s Ward Forum was for the most part run by representatives of Nairn’s Youth – and a pretty dynamic, interesting, caring and socially involved lot they are. More about that later folks.

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