Monday, November 15, 2010

Shaun MacDonald's suggestion for the town centre

More suggestions for Nairn Town Centre are appearing on the Nice Site. Here's what Shaun MacDonald thinks. Have you got ideas too? Have your say on the Nairn Improvement and Enterprise site (or alternatively fill in one of the forms now available in Strachans and other shops in Nairn)

"1, Give the old Regal to Tilda Swinton’s Film Foundation for a Cinema and HQ, build on what she has done for our town already and harness this goodwill before it up and leaves. (lots of ways to do this, and no demolition costs) What a great advert for our town.
2. Use the space of the old petrol station for extra parking until we see what happens to the Co-op’s after Sainsburys open the doors.
3.VAN (CVS) etc plus Tourist Info office for the old buildings that prove that they just don’t make them to last anymore.
4. A proper “Highland” or even “Nairn Art Gallery/Centre” with public toilets, a Cafe etc for the Community Center. Did you know that 70% of the Visual Art that you own is in storage which is paid for again by you as a taxpayer?. Inverness have been trying to build an Art Gallery proper for the last 30 years and still nothing , there’s one in the eye for them, literally. Underpin the work done by all the volunteers in getting an Arts Festivals, Jazz festival, Film Festival etc going.

I think establishments would benefit our Community and boost our industry “TOURISM”. We’ve not lost what we have, we have just never built on it. What do the Golf widows, weather weary visitors and aspiring locals want? – a bit of the City without having to leave this Wonderful place. Please! at least let the Town Centre be Nairn for Nairnites from all parts of Nairn past and present, a housing scheme is a housing scheme and they are built on the fringes of Commerce and Culture for a reason – shared access which leads to a sense of Community and hopefully restored civic pride."