Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Single Community Council for Nairn (a town council)? – a straw poll on the public benches.

Tonight at the West Community Council meeting held in the sailing club there was a large turnout of members of the public. They were mainly in attendance to debate a local planning matter but when the subject of the ongoing consultation concerning a single council for Nairn was discussed those present were asked if they thought a single Nairn Council would be a good idea.

The result: Yes 16 Abstensions 2.

That mirrors the feeling being expressed in the Gurn poll in the sidebar where currently 92% (184 votes received) think a town council would be a good idea.

It is obvious the public want a single community council for Nairn – will Highland Council listen? What do you reckon Sandy – will you let Nairn have a wee bit more democracy?

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