Monday, November 22, 2010

Sainsbury's are coming, Sainsbury's are coming, Sainsbury's are coming...

Thanks to Dave for the following message earlier today : 'Lots of activity in the Sainsburys field this morning..........
A digger, 2 trucks and even a small portacabin / store...........

Looks like something is happening at last !!!\"

Yeah it really seems to be happening up there as these pics from a Gurn photographer show. The earth movers are really busy today and there's a mannie in a reflective jacket putting in markers.

Co-op are you watching? Soon your price monopoly in Nairn will be gone!


Anonymous said...

He's saying 'Richt bonnie - ken!"

Old MacDonald said...

Michty you could be richt enough
the coos are awfae scunnered aboot
this Ye Ken the thocht o loosin the green stuff ta mak way fur a a large shoppie that sells some oh
their cousins is makin them sweat
even in this cauld weather they think it cud be them next its a hellava job to keep them calm.

But is Asda be richt to have a super just ootside the toon as mony a time i hiv seen the locals
shopin in aither airts, now the hubbys micht noo get a chance to watch the fitba at Station Park
instead o being dragged oot fur the messages, PS that Geordie Quine Cheryle Cole now thats fit i call "Richt Bonnie"
Cheryle Cole noo

growtosow said...

if they have minute can they knock the regal down.

Jim said...

How old is the Regal surviving bit anyway?

Maybe it even has Listed Building protection by now?

Lord Ealan Donan MacRath said...

I wonder if Somerfields can smell the dung already?