Thursday, November 25, 2010

Crime goes down again in Nairn

There may be economic woes on the horizon but Nairn as a community has many advantages over other areas. One of the benefits of living in Nairn is that we have a lower crime rate compared with many other areas in the UK.
Inspector MacLeod told the Ward Forum meeting in the Courthouse last night that crime was down again in Nairn over the last two months in comparison with the previous year. Here’s some of the figures he presented:
2009, 2010 ,
Thefts 17, 14
Vandalism 17, 9
Underage drinking 15, 9
Drink Driving 4,3
Breach of Peace 20, 14

Searches had gone up from 22 to 40 but the Inspector told the meeting that this didn’t indicate more crime just that the police could now devote more time to the drug-related searches etc.
Liz was glad that crime had gone down but at the same time worried that we might lose police officers because of these reductions, Nairn not being ‘such a criminal area’. Angus MacLeod told her that it was Northern Constabulary policy to prevent crime and to be visible in the community. He said that there were no plans at the moment to reduce officer numbers.

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