Monday, November 29, 2010

Vice-Convenor no more - A week is a long time in Highland Politics

Last Monday night the Gurn asked Graham Marsden if he'd resigned as Vice Convener of the resources committee on the Highland Council. Rumours had been circulating Nairn but Graham said, 'I haven't resigned.'
He didn't seem his usual perky self when asked the question however ,so this observer left him in peace and sat down to enjoy the Nairn Town Centre 3-D build as you go show.

Obviously the next question should have been: 'Do you have any plans to resign?' This evening the Nairnshire reports that he is to step down in December. Obviously quitting as a high heid yin on the ruling administration has to follow protocols.
To be fair to Graham, he is resigning on an important point of principle close to his heart. One wonders for the stability of the ruling administration however, as more and more councillors examine their consciences as the Council heads for the choppy waters of brutal cuts to the work force and the services provided. More in the Nairnshire Telegraph

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