Thursday, November 04, 2010

Save RAF Lossiemouth march

UPDATE Pictures of the march here on the Gurnflickr pages.

The march this Sunday is shaping up to be a major political event. Speakers include Alex Salmond, Iain Gray of Labour and also the Scottish leaders of the LibDems and Tories. One wonders if Tavish Scott & Annabel Goldie will receive a sympathetic hearing once they take to the platform?
Details of the march here.
UPDATE: Sandy's on the march too
'Highland Council convener Sandy Park will march alongside Moray Council convener George McIntyre on Sunday, as the impact of any base closure is expected to spill into the neighbouring area.'
The Press & Journal also gives details of getting to the march:
'Sunday’s march will set off at 2pm from Muirton Road, and follow a route to the Lossiemouth football ground at Grant Park, where a rally will be held.
A free bus service will operate from the Lossie Green car park in Elgin from 1pm, returning after the rally at around 3.45pm.'


Anonymous said...

Like Moray there will be implications for Nairn.
Nairn Schools, clubs and sports will be affected by the outcome of the 'Spending Review'. Has the cost of these impacts been considered by the Westminster Government?

Nairnac said...

A rather unique 'to hell with them' viewpoint from the Inverness Courier without any suggestion of actions to ameliorate the devastation about to be wrought on the area.....