Monday, November 22, 2010

The last chance - Nairn has until the 31st of January to get a single Community Council (a Town Council)

It's the third and final stage of an ongoing consultation - yes, 'consultation' can seem like a dirty, overdone word but if you want to see a single voice for Nairn you have to make the effort.
Perhaps we could have a town-wide vote organised by the three existing community councils? River CC are against a single council but why not put it to the public?

Of course if you don't want a single council for Nairn then you should have your say too. Gurnites will note however the poll in the side bar where over 190 readers of this digital rag have voted and the result so far is 92% in favour. Don't forget the straw poll of the 18 members of the public at the West CC meeting last Thursday:16 Yes No 2. A previous poll organised by the Suburban Council with approx 150 votes showed a similar result.

Sandy can you please make sure Nairn residents get to have a proper say on this subject this time round? Maybe some mechanism to have a vote? Last time at the Ward Forum it was squeezed out by a power-point display and a much needed debate about the swimming pool.

If you want this Gurnites - make your voices heard!

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