Thursday, November 11, 2010

Climate Change - Sceptics rule in Nairn?

The Gurn recently reported details from an SNH sponsored climate change discussion in Nairn. We have to say that from the comments received it seems the doubters are in the majority.
Here's one comment:
'The so called predictions are a on a par with the Roman soothsayer in Frankie Howerd's "Up Pompei" who said Woe, Woe and Thrice woe" and was always wrong.Climate change of this magnitude and consequences is more likely to be bunkum than not but there is a whole industry of subsidy receivers out there and politicians who dare not say "we were deceived, we were wrong it is all unnecessary. Heroic efforts by the UK people, at great cost, to reduce their carbon emissions will have virtually no effect on a world scale and the cost in taxes and other subsidies will be great. We should be very suspicious of these inflicted costs.It is ironic that one Nuclear Power station on the Moray Firth would generate enough electricity for the region available 365 days per year. For some reason unsightly, costly and very inefficient (27% availabilty) windmills and the pylon line through Beauly are more welcome than nuclear power. It appears that you can fool many of the people most of the time! '
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Brian @ said...

It was a silly comment, really.

Climate change was without question in the 1990's until it was forced into the political arena - where it directly threatened the world's multi-national billion-dollar energy producers.

A nuclear power station in Moray would be a laugh - instant death to the tourism industry, and the beaches would be deserted - excepting for those "safe level" radiation particles littering it.

Anyone here lived near or down water of a nuclear power station will know they come with big spikes in cancer and hormone-related illnesses.

No energy conversion process is very efficient - but at last wind farms, for all their criticisms, are harmless!

Graisg said...

I certainly beleive climate change is a reality Brian, but what surprises me are the number of people that think it isn't. Maybe it was the descrepencies about climate change data or perhaps the cold winter that have strengthened the sceptical view however?
Put it this way the authorities take it seriously and Nairn had better be in there shouting when it comes to the funds being divided out for more coastal protection etc - whether you beleive in climate change or not.