Sunday, November 07, 2010

Save RAF Lossiemouth march - pictures

More pictures now on the Gurnflickr pages.
More pictures now on the Gurn Flickr pages. A massive show of support for the RAF today.
Over 7,000 on the march to day in Lossiemouth. Here's Sandy who was on the march representing the Highland Council area. More pictures now on the Gurnflickr pages. A strong message goes to London from this march and rally. If the Condems go ahead and shut Lossie down they will have a massive price to pay at the ballot box for years to come.


Anonymous said...

A rite couple o Gurnnie looking gadgies there cof.?

Plain English said...

Fit are yea on aboot yuv got me richt scunnered & ma dannder is fair rattlin we that richt clarty
sharn fit come fae yur moo, skirl it oot we caustic soda, ye feel git, yes Anonymous I cud string ye up by the goolies & let ye hing fae the byre roof, as i sing tae ye ma Bothy Ballads.

Plain Nairn said...

A'n pha crad ye partun face ma petted

Graisg said...

threde shutt