Friday, November 26, 2010

Sandy’s nice letter to NICE now in the public domain.

Over on the Nice site, the Convenor’s letter has been published. In it he talks about how he sees the Council’s relationship with Nice over the extended consultation period. It’s magnanimous material, well done Sandy! This observer would like to pick a little bone over the following sentence however:
“Whilst NICE does not speak for everyone in Nairn, my ward colleagues and I are happy to work with NICE to find a positive solution for our town centre."

One is tempted to ask if the Highland Council speaks for everyone in Nairn?
Read Sandy’s Letter in full here.

UPDATE Saturday Morning:

Tramping the digital streets late last night a regular gurnite and NICE watcher popped up and pointed out that Sandy’s remark about who NICE represent is very interesting because if looked at from a purely scientific standpoint then NICE, having the support and active membership of the town’s three properly constituted Community Councils, could be said to represent just as many electors as the Highland Council.

But if you think ‘representation’ in terms of the community’s concerns and aspirations then it could be suggested that NICE offers a potentially far superior method of representation. In short as our correspondent tells us:

"NICE representativity comes not just from a headcount of those who sign membership forms (they will soon be available), but from the fact that they provide a platform and a vehicle to collate and reflect views from any and all citizens of the Royal Burgh of Nairn. “

Our correspondent goes on to say, “NICE could legitimately say to Sandy, A Nairn Councillor, that for Nairnites, the town centre is perhaps the greatest priority and for a long time the Council’s views have been out of sync with the people of Nairn."

Que sera sera... time for another cuppa and a mince pie?


Anonymous said...

Watch those Mince Pies.You never know
whats in them.?

Brian @ said...

Told you - should have called it Royal Burgh of Nairn council ... ;)

Graisg said...

Will be returning to that theme soon Brian :-)
Perhaps the Nairnshire will cover some of what was said up in the Courthouse on Wednesday evening too but if time permits this observer will go a bit further on some of the Common Good issues - i.e. A Royal Burgh Council could demand more input!