Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ward Forum becomes Youth Forum - The Courthouse comes to life with new blood

Nairn Youth Forum came to the Courthouse on Wednesday night and stole the show. A bunch of young people passionate about their objectives outlined what they are doing to make Nairn and the Highlands in general a better place. They are actively engaged in campaigns on health, transport, crime and anti-social behaviour.
Did you take part in the Highland Council budget cuts consulation? Well the pupils at Nairn Academy did, there were over 800 submissions from the 846 young people at Nairn Academy. Some of those submissions/suggestions made to the council earlier in the year were passed around as the youngsters made their various presentations on the behalf of Nairn Youth Forum and Highland Youth Voice, Nairn’s members of the Scottish Youth Parliament were even present to tell us about their role in recent debates in that Parliament.
Overall those present came away with an impression of a confident, dedicated, well-informed and organised group of younger citizens who are out to make our community a better place - an impression of youth that goes against the grain of the stereo-typical negative image that more mature citizens can sometimes have.

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