Monday, November 01, 2010

Gingerphobe tirade backfires

There are quite a few people in Nairn who are upset with Danny for going into government with the Tories but surely nobody would support Harriet Harman's 'Ginger Rodent' tirade. It was a statement that certainly dipped into the dark side. Harman made her comments at a Labour Conference in Scotland and has since made an apology. Not only has her comment backfired but little else has made it into the media from the Labour conference - job done Mrs Harman?
All this begs the question: should anyone who tries to belittle someone for their physical appearance be allowed to hold any form of office in a political party (especially a former 'equalities minister)?
In the meantime anyone displeased with Danny and his ConDem colleagues will have a chance to make a democratic statement in the time-honoured fashion during next spring's Holyrood elections.
Here's a P&J article on the subject.

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