Friday, November 19, 2010

"Time to move on and forget the impossible dreams!"

That's part of the latest comment on (getting to the parts the other consultations don't reach?)
"The council is making cuts all over! They have no money! Get real and realise what Nairn needs is affordable housing and more parking. The saga of the town centre has gone on long enough. The whole thing was a dead loss from the start. Time to move on and forget the impossible dreams!" Says Sheena Black - to read Sheena's full comment and to see what others have to say pop over to Nairn Improvement Community Entreprise (NICE).
Have you got anything you want to say about the town centre? NICE want your views, you can do that via their website or alternatively fill in one of the forms in the Community Centre, the Library and various shops in the town centre.

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