Thursday, November 04, 2010

Jac's old house and field - the ideal site for more allotments?

The following pictures sent to the Gurn by Murray inspired this observer to go and see how the planning application for houses on Jac's plot was proceeding. Murray told the Gurn how sad the house looked. Indeed anyone who remembers that cheerful household, so Italian but at the same time so undeniably Nairnshire, will agree with that. In a short space of time nature has claimed back much of the site and what seemed so much a permanent institution and part of the local landscape has all but vanished.

Still pending consideration from the Highland Council planning system is the application for five houses on Jac's house and field on the Forres Road. The land is now the property of some sort of trust or other and after what seems to have been several years of hiatus the trust has come forward with a planning application.

The application has attracted several objections from nearby residents who are concerned mainly with the effect on the wildlife that has now established itself on the site and the road safety issues that will arise with vehicles attempting to access the A96. The Nairn Woodlands and Wetlands Association suggests:

'An alternative eco-friendly use for this site may be more appropriate and the Trustees may consider allotments managed by the Nairn Allotment Society with no vehicular access from the A96.'

That sounds like a very good alternative for this valuble piece of habitat (as long as the mature trees were kept). As Nairn grows it will need to keep a few green spaces and this is indeed an ideal spot. Jac was a keen gardener whenever he got a spare moment and what a fitting tribute to him an allotment site named after him would be! You can see the planning application and the objections here.