Monday, November 29, 2010

Nice work - more notes from NICE

Nice tells the Gurn: "It has been a busy week for those interested in the future of Nairn and the site in the centre of town."
Further headings in a Nice press release are:

· Nairn in 3D – the design workshop

· The way forward – working together to get the plans right

· Reflecting local views

· A more ambitious objective?

. Some Radical thinking ?

· The next steps

Obviously NICE is considering its role after the present effort to find out what the people of Nairn would like for their town centre. Will NICE become the developers of the town centre? Effectively that seems to be the direction that some of the suggestions could eventually lead. What do you think? Should the community take total control? To read this press release in its entirety pop over to the Nice website or head over to the NICE Facebook page

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