Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A NICE future for Nairn town centre? Your chance to get involved!

Here's a few details from a 'NICE' press release gurnites. As one of the titles of the document states:'Community mobilises to consider alternative options' - that sums it up quite well really, such was the disquiet shown over the Highland Council's flats or more flats plans for the town centre site after the decision of the Co-op not to build a new supermarket. The first paragraph states:

' Local organisation formed: all residents invited to participate

Following Highland Council’s publication of a draft Development Brief for that part of the town centre site for which the Council is responsible adjacent to the properties now owned by the Co-op, local Nairn residents have formed a group to look at options for the redevelopment of this King Street town centre site. At a meeting on Thursday 28 October some thirty concerned residents of Nairn, including representatives of all three Community Councils, the Association of Nairn Businesses, Visit Nairn Tourism Association and a number of interested individuals, decided to establish a Company Limited by Guarantee entitled “Nairn Improvement Community Enterprise” (NICE). Three volunteer founder-directors have been appointed, and all residents of the town of Nairn are invited to join. A website has been set up at http://nairnice.blogspot.com/ .'
A pretty broad section of the Nairn community there, anyone up for membership? It's your chance to really get involved in taking Nairn forward in this new millennium. The NICE press release continues:

' Existing Council proposals “do not reflect local views”

The group came together after a public Ward Forum meeting at which the Council’s draft plan to have the site redeveloped for housing and car parking were robustly rejected as lacking in imagination and inappropriate for this key location. The new organisation, which includes professional town planners and architects as well as members with legal and business experience, has already formed working groups to collate ideas and examine the feasibility of all suggestions. '
There are other paragraphs to the press release document:

'A proper town centre, not a housing estate: public views invited
After ten years of inaction, ten weeks for decision is “unacceptable”
Concern about Council’s intentions: there is “no pressure” for sale
Constructive dialogue and partnership'

It's worth getting involved if you want to see an alternative for Nairn.
To read more go to the NICE website.

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