Sunday, February 17, 2013

A doggie DNA register to stop the jobbies?

Recently we published details obtained under the Freedom of Information Act concerning the Highland Council's dog warden service or perhaps, in the light of that information, we should say the lack of it in Nairn. No fines for dog crap over the last five years -more here

One Gurnite suggested a DNA register for pooches whereby jobbies left behind could be tested and the offenders sorted promptly. This observer thought it a bit far out but apparently it is a possibility and there is a firm that would like to try it out in Caitheness. More here.   A chance for Nairnshire to get in there first and become the first doggie jobbie free zone in Scotland? It would still have to go hand in hand with a name and shame policy perhaps.


bring it on said...

There would be a huge outcry against this from dog owners, but whenever the subject of dog poo is broached 'responsible owners' get uptight and state that it isn't their pooches. But this DNA system would be near full proof and the huge band of responsible owners would have nothing to fear, would they?

Anonymous said...

and the cost of doing dna,s???who pays for this??the non dog owning taxpayer???wise up,and just get rid of dogs or bring back a hefty dog licence fee.

Anonymous said...

Get a life says:

Aye let's take DNA of all the folks who like like a wee drink and spew their way home also, we could test the seagulls when we are at it see which ones are crapping all over the place.

I despair,maybe the Nairn vigalanties
Should just get a gun and waste everything that bothers them!