Monday, February 18, 2013

Bypass and A96 traffic issues in Nairn - Community Council action!

Those Gurnites who are actively following the Association of Nairn Business's lead and are lobbying Scottish Government ministers and Transport Scotland may wish to read the following three documents from West Community Council listed below. The more local residents that are up to speed with all the angles of the bypass and the current congestion issues in Nairn the better. Images of latest problems here.  Also if you haven't read the comments on this earlier Gurn article here then it is well worth doing so, there are some remarkably succinct points of view expressed there. 

West Community Council have been campaigning steadily on these issues for a few years now and recently received the blessing of the Joint Community Council meeting to take further action on their behalf. 

Here's a copy of a document the Westies handed in at the Transport Scotland consultation held in the Courthouse back in December. Click  here for "An agenda for discussion and action, 12 Dec 2012" Gurnites may wish to browse it and perhaps make comments or further suggestions. 

And here is a follow up document written earlier this month with the blessing of the Joint Royal Burgh Community Councils. 

For information here is a letter written by the Westies back in September last year to Jacobs UK who were working for Transport Scotland at the time.  Good reading folks. 

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