Wednesday, February 06, 2013

"The Sandown Park" - a Nairn Green Party document from 1990

In 1990 the then Nairn Green Party submitted a proposal for a ecological park on the southern field of the Sandown lands. The proposal was mainly the work of the late Jack Ashford and was remarkably ahead of its time. 
Gurnites will know that such a proposal is now very much part of the overall design plan for Sandown which came about via the Charrette process. Of course it is all still part of a wish list and thus remains "aspirational" but there is a very strong likeliehood that something not very different from the document drawn up by Jack Ashford will one day become a reality on the southern field.
What a pity the District Council didn't have the foresight to get started in 1990. There weren't any charrettes in those days of course, just the odd tumbril rolling past the Courthouse at election time. Click the picture to read the document. 


little boxes said...

Those were the days when Nairn had a Green party, and with good ideas for the local area.

Build houses seems to be the only mantra you will hear these days with regard to Sandown, the only exception being the recent extension of Nairn allotments. What a shame there are no plans to extend these right up to the A96 and maybe beyond. It's good use of vacant land

cabbage looking said...

Do we still have any active Greens in Nairn?

I know Donnie Macleod sometimes makes an appearance from his lambing shed at elections times, but that seems to be about it. I'm not aware of any active local presence, shame

Graisg said...

Not aware if there are any Green Party members in Nairn but there are many people that way inclined. Many such individuals see no worth in voting for the Greens however.

Anonymous said...

Who was yon daft green who stood on a "dolphin ticket" and whatever happened to him?

w feature less said...

Didn't the last known Green leave Nairn to become a Hollyrood star? (Green PR man Jason Rose, aka Green Dad)

Doitsch Hat said...

Regarding Anonymous question was it not Roger Winters who was part of the Green Party in the early 80s that did the dolphin ticket please correct me Graisg if iam wrong.

Graisg said...

Yes, it was Roger Winter. He was the first Green Councillor at Regional level to be elected in Scotland. It was a Dolphins and sewage ticket plus many other local issues at the time.
He was pretty good initially and then he lost the plot.
The strong Green lobby in town never went away though even if it no longer votes for the Scottish Greens.

Anonymous said...

It's a pity that the Scottish Greens as a party seem to have lost their way, and supporters!

As you say Graisg plenty of folk in the town who still have green principles, and the issues are still as big

Maybe we need 'New Greens'

Unknown said...

I did the art-work, it seems a very long time ago. Geoff Skeet produced the pamphlet, I think.