Tuesday, February 26, 2013

West Community Council support River CC on Waste Busters initiative

Gurnites will be aware that River CC recently held a well attended meeting to form a steering committee with the ultimate aim of creating something like the Moray Wastebusters facility in the town. This would enable more reuse of materials, furniture and other items in the rather than them going off to landfill or elsewhere. There would also be possibilities of creating employment. 

Last night in the Community Centre Brian Stewart gave the his Westie colleagues details of the meeting he attended and said: " I think we ought to signal support and encouragement for the initiative that Nairn River have taken in trying to mobilise a working group to try and set up some kind of wastebusters operation in Nairn. 
After some detailed discussion on the present situation and how things might change Chair Rosemary Young said: "I move then that we write to Tommy and pledge our support to his campaign."
The meeting was so inclined.

The Gurn fully supports the River CC wastebusters initiative too. This observer feels that the most folk in Nairn will also support it and wish for the local authority to offer all assistance in helping the steering committee, formed to assist Tommy and River CC, to take this forward. There will be a financial and logistical mountain to climb but with with real help from the local authority it should eventually be possible. 


Jane Harkiss said...

I think it's a great idea - lots of people (Pookie included) use the Moray freegle & Inverness freecycle websites already, so having a locally based initiative would def have legs. I love a good rummage... P xx

Be Careful said...

You are welcome anytime Pooks!

Jane Harkiss said...


P xx